• The SopranoPlanet 100% Guarantee

    This is VERY simple: If, for any reason at all, any mouthpiece you purchase does not meet your requirements, just return it for a full, immediate and complete refund. No one EVER has to keep a mouthpiece from me if it does not meet their requirements. This has been true since the day I started making soprano mouthpieces and it will always be so.

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  • NEW !!

    - with a sound  that runs from Desmond to Cannonball. 


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  • Sopranoplanet: ONLY great soprano mouthpieces !

    We specialize in mouthpieces for soprano and sopranino saxophone because the small horns are different.

    They require a well made, perfectly balanced mouthpiece to perform well. Most soprano mouthpieces are neither well made nor balanced-that is the truth. And there is more…..

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  • From players around the world !

    Your Missing Link mouthpiece is a thing of beauty/ New Jersey *******    I will always be in your debt for making such a great piece/ New Zealand****** By far the best soprano piece that I’ve owned/ Berklee School of Music ******  The soprano piece is seriously awesome/ Berlin ******* Awesome / Canada ******* Bravo and Fantastic/ Hong Kong ******* Wow! After a few notes, I feel as if i had played this piece all my life! And what a gorgeous sound / Lyon, France ******* It turned out to be the very piece you described and is indeed a great fit for me / New Zealand ****** Everything I’m searching for in a soprano mouthpiece is present in your Missing Link / Norway ****** the sound is amazing / Italy ****** Damn ….this piece plays GREAT / Boston****** I don’t know what you’re doing but KEEP DOING IT! / Paris ****** It just couldn’t be better, really  / Sao Paulo, Brazil ****** This mouthpiece is heaven / NYC

  • Matching Mouthpiece to Horn

    Getting the right mouthpiece for a particular soprano is important. A great mouthpiece on one horn is often a poor player on another. After over 30 years, over 30 sopranos and about 50 mouthpieces, I found out the hard way.

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  • The Right Balance

    There is a balance that must be acheived between a particular horn and mouthpiece. It’s a balance that integrates the mouthpiece, horn and player into one unit. And then the music can just flow…………

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  • SopranoPlanet : Start Here !

    I started SopranoPlanet because I learned a lot the hard way. It took many years, a lot of heartache and a lot of money, too. And I found out that there is a better way than guessing about soprano mouthpieces. You can have the sound you want, the response you want, the tone you want and I guarantee it 100%. Welcome to SopranoPlanet. You’ll be very glad you landed here.

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  • What Players Are Saying

    There are a lot of comments on this site — from well known professionals, dedicated amateurs, beginners, students, classical performers, pop performers, modern and traditional jazz players, worship musicians and people who play for the sheer joy of it. The mouthpiece they have now was balanced specifically for their needs and to match their horn. Take some time to read what they have to say about their mouthpiece and their experience at Sopranoplanet.

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  • Rebalance Your Mouthpiece !

    Many players have pieces they like but don’t love, because they may play thin up high or  stuffy down low, or maybe they just “fight” back too much. We can take your mouthpiece and “rebalance” it into the great player you want. Sometimes the best piece for you is the one you already have, but it needs to be “tuned up”. Check out our REBALANCING service.

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